Guitar Price in Bangladesh

Are you thinking of buying a guitar? You know, Guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments used in all music styles. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, first have a one. Before going to the market to buy it, You should know the present guitar price in Bangladesh. Otherwise, there are a lot of chances to be cheated by the sellers. Okay, No worries! We are going to let you know the guitar price in Bangladesh.


Music is healing. It works as a tonic when your mood is not good. Most of our young generation like to heal their sorrows through music. That’s why a huge number of people are interested in learning new instruments. From a survey, it is said that the rate of buying new guitars nowadays is 50% or more. So let’s learn about guitar prices in Bangladesh. 


There are many of you who already use the guitar and get familiar with each and every part of it. Let’s find out the guitar price in Bangladesh and from where to buy it.


Types of Guitar

You have already heard there are 3types of guitar,these are Classical, Acoustic, Electric. Check out the price of the guitars.


Let’s know about Electric Guitar prices in Bangladesh –


  1. ESP LTD F-10, Black LTD F-10 Electric Guitar, You can have this guitar at only 25 thousand Taka.
  2. ESP LTD H-200FM DARK BROWN SUNBURST Solid Body Electric Guitar -You would be surprised to know that the price of this guitar is only 38 thousand Taka.
  3. Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD ELECTRICAL LEAD GUITAR-You will love this one at an affordable price of only 23,750taka
  4. FENDER STRATOCASTER ELECTRIC GUITAR -Mainly this is made in China. The guitar price is only 16,170Taka.


You may also eagerly waiting to know about AXE Guitar prices in Bangladesh 


  1. AXE AG-48C N Pure: You will not get any guitar at such a cheap price only 5600 Taka
  2. AXE AG-48C N Red Wine: The price of this guitar is 5500Taka
  3. AXE AG-52C BK Pure: This guitar costs 6400 Taka
  4. AXE AG-52C Blue Pure: This guitar price is only 6500 Taka
  5. AXE AG-52C Blue: This guitar costs only 6400 Taka.


Classical Guitar Price in Bangladesh 


You may already know that Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar is one of the best guitars among all the classical guitars. You have to pay 11990 takas to buy it.


Acoustic Guitar Price in Bangladesh 

The most familiar acoustic guitars in Bangladesh are L-720A Pure, Kimmy K-700, Taste TS-J35A Premium, Deviser L2-720A,Chard F4090C Premium. The price range of these guitar is average 7000-10000 Taka


If you want to purchase any kind of guitar,make sure you aware of the guitar price in Bangladesh.You can buy any kind of guitar according to your demand either high or low budget.Nowadays,the seller demand more than actual price.You want to buy a guitar and Have no idea on guitar price. How could you able be to purchase at its actual price?Have you ever thought that.Hope having the guitar price in Bangladesh, you will be able to buy your cherished guitar.  

Updated: May 16, 2022 — 11:28 am