How to Ship Flammable Liquids Safely & Legally

How to Ship Flammable Liquids Safely

Sending flammable liquids can seem scary. But don’t worry! We will learn how to do it safely together.

How to Ship Flammable Liquids Safely & Legally


Know What’s Flammable

First, let’s understand what flammable liquids are.

They are liquids that can catch fire easily.

  • Paint
  • Nail polish remover
  • Gasoline

Check the Rules

Different places have different rules for shipping flammable liquids. So first, ask your post office or shipping company what their rules are.

Pick the Right Container

You need a special container that does not break easily. It should seal tight, so nothing leaks out.

Label It Clearly

Write on your package that it has flammable liquid inside. Use big, bold letters. This tells everyone to be extra careful.

Flammable Liquid Label Example

Pack It In a Box

After putting the liquid in the right container, you need to pack it in a box.

The box should be strong and able to close properly.

Fill Any Empty Spaces

If there is extra space in the box, fill it. Use bubble wrap or newspapers. This helps prevent the container from moving around too much.

How to Ship Flammable Liquids Safely & Legally


Tape It Up Good

Close your box with lots of tape. Make sure you tape all the edges and corners. This keeps your package nice and secure.

Choose the Right Shipping Service

Some shipping services don’t carry flammable liquids. Others have special ways to do it. Find one that can ship your package safely.

Fill Out the Paperwork

When you ship dangerous stuff, you need to fill out special forms. These forms tell about what’s inside your package.

Know What to Do If Something Goes Wrong

Accidents happen sometimes. It is important to know what to do if your package breaks or leaks.

Ask the shipping company for advice just in case.

Don’t Ship Too Much at Once

It’s safer to send less flammable liquid at one time. If you need to send a lot, send it in smaller amounts over time.

Keep Records

Keep notes about what you ship and how you ship it. If there are questions later, you can show your notes.

Be Honest

Always tell the truth about what’s in your package. This keeps you and others safe.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Ship Flammable Liquids Safely & Legally

What Regulations Apply To Shipping Flammable Liquids?

Flammable liquids are subject to strict regulations overseen by agencies like the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Are Special Containers Required For Flammable Liquids?

Yes, flammable liquids must be transported in approved containers that meet specific safety standards to prevent leaks and explosions.

How To Label Flammable Liquid Shipments?

Shipments must be clearly labeled with proper placards indicating that the contents are flammable, and they must display the appropriate hazard class number.

Can You Ship Flammable Liquids Internationally?

Shipping flammable liquids internationally is possible but requires adherence to international guidelines and potentially additional country-specific regulations.

Updated: January 13, 2024 — 2:35 am