Is Drinking Alcohol Flammable?: Igniting the Facts

Is Drinking Alcohol Flammable?

Have you ever seen a movie with someone lighting a drink on fire? You might wonder, “Can my drink do that?” Today, we’ll talk about if drinking alcohol is flammable.

What Does Flammable Mean?

Something that is flammable can catch fire easily. It can also burn quickly. We need to be careful with flammable things.

Alcohol and Flammability

Alcohol can indeed be flammable. But not all types of alcohol are the same. Different drinks have different amounts of alcohol in them. This amount is called “alcohol by volume” or ABV.

Common Alcoholic Drinks and Their ABV
Drink Type ABV
Beer 3% – 6%
Wine 9% – 16%
Liquor (like vodka or whiskey) 40% – 50%

Which Alcohols Burn?

Generally, an alcohol must have an ABV of about 40% or more to burn well. This means that liquor can catch fire easily. Beer and wine usually will not catch fire because their ABV is too low.

Why Is High-ABV Alcohol Flammable?

Alcohol has a low boiling point compared to water. When you heat liquor, the alcohol turns into vapor. This alcohol vapor can catch fire. If you put a flame near it, you may see blue flames.

Is Drinking Alcohol Flammable?: Igniting the Facts


Is It Safe to Light Drinks on Fire?

Lighting drinks on fire is called a flaming cocktail. It looks cool but it can be dangerous. Always be cautious around fire. If you try to make a flaming cocktail, be sure to have an adult help you!

Bar Safety and Flammable Drinks

Bars sometimes serve flaming cocktails. Bartenders know how to do this safely. They train to handle flammable drinks. Remember, it is important to watch and not touch these drinks until the flames are out.

Can You Drink a Flaming Cocktail?

You should never drink a cocktail while it’s still on fire. You must wait for the fire to go out or be put out. Fire can burn your mouth or throat. Always be patient and safe.

How Do You Put Out a Flaming Cocktail?

  • Put a lid over the glass to cut off oxygen.
  • Blow on the flame as you would with birthday candles.
  • Use a fire extinguisher if the fire gets out of control.

Fun Facts About Flammable Drinks

  • The Blue Blazer is a famous flaming cocktail.
  • Flaming cocktails can be used to toast spices or flavor a glass.
  • The flame might change colors based on other ingredients in the drink.
Is Drinking Alcohol Flammable?: Igniting the Facts


Stay Safe!

It’s fun to learn about flammable drinks. But always remember to stay safe. Fire is not a toy and can be very dangerous. Have an adult help you if you want to learn more about flammable drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions On Is Drinking Alcohol Flammable?: Igniting The Facts

Is Consuming Alcohol Flammable?

Generally, pure alcohol is highly flammable. However, alcoholic beverages contain varying alcohol content, affecting their flammability.

What Determines An Alcoholic Drink’s Flammability?

The flammability of alcoholic drinks is determined by their alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage; typically, a higher ABV means more flammability.

Can Drinking High-proof Alcohol Cause Fire Risks?

Consuming high-proof alcohol doesn’t pose a fire risk unless it’s brought near an open flame or heat source.

Are Certain Alcoholic Beverages Riskier Than Others?

Yes, beverages with high alcohol content, like spirits over 40% ABV, are more flammable and carry a greater fire risk.


Yes, drinking alcohol can be flammable, especially liquors with high ABV. But not all drinks will catch fire. If you see someone lighting a drink on fire, they are likely using a drink with a high amount of alcohol.

Never try to drink or touch fire, and always respect safety rules around flammable substances. Hope you enjoyed learning about flammable drinks. Remember, safety first!

Updated: January 2, 2024 — 2:33 am