Is Goo Gone Flammable? Safety Tips You Must Know

Is Goo Gone Flammable? Your Safety Guide

Have you ever had a sticker that just won’t come off? Maybe you have gum stuck to your shoe. Goo Gone can help with that. But is Goo Gone flammable? Let’s find out and learn how to stay safe!

What is Goo Gone?

Goo Gone is a liquid that helps remove sticky stuff. It’s used to clean up messes like chewing gum and sticker residue. You might have seen it in a clear bottle at the store.

So, Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Yes, Goo Gone is flammable. This means it can catch fire easily. You should be careful not to use it near flames or heat sources. Let’s see why it’s best to use Goo Gone safely.

Product Flammability
Goo Gone Original Flammable
Goo Gone Pro-Power Flammable
Goo Gone Kitchen Grease Cleaner Non-flammable

How to Use Goo Gone Safely

  • Keep it away from fire: Never use Goo Gone near a candle, stove, or fireplace.
  • Use it in a well-ventilated area: Open windows or use fans to get fresh air.
  • Wear gloves: It’s a good idea to protect your hands when using Goo Gone.
  • Read the instructions: The bottle has important tips on how to use it right.
  • Store it safely: After you’re done, put it where kids can’t reach it.

It’s also smart to test Goo Gone on a small spot first. This way, you make sure it won’t hurt the surface you’re cleaning.

What to Do if Goo Gone Catches Fire

  1. Don’t Panic: Stay calm. Panicking can make things worse.
  2. Stop Using It: Put the Goo Gone bottle down carefully.
  3. Put Out the Fire: If it’s a small fire, you can try to smother it. You can use a metal lid or baking soda. Never use water!
  4. Call for Help: If you can’t put out the fire, get everyone outside. Then call 911 or your local emergency number.
  5. Don’t Go Back Inside: Fires can be very dangerous. Stay outside until help comes.
Is Goo Gone Flammable? Safety Tips You Must Know


Is Goo Gone Flammable? Safety Tips You Must Know


Why is Goo Gone Flammable?

Goo Gone contains chemicals that can catch fire. To help you understand, here’s a simple list of them:

Ingredient Role
Petroleum Distillates They help Goo Gone work but can burn.
Orange Peel Extract (Limonene) Makes it smell good but is also flammable.
Others They are part of the secret recipe.

Fun Facts About Goo Gone

  • Goo Gone smells like oranges because of the orange peel extract!
  • People have used Goo Gone for over 30 years!
  • You can use it to clean lots of things, like carpets and clothes.
  • They even make a spray version of Goo Gone.

Final Thoughts

We’ve learned that Goo Gone is flammable. But if you use it correctly, it’s very safe. Remember our safety tips when you use it.

By being careful, you can solve sticky problems without any worries! Always put safety first and enjoy a clean, sticky-free world with Goo Gone!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Is Goo Gone Flammable? Safety Tips You Must Know

Is Goo Gone An Inflammable Product?

Goo Gone is not highly flammable, but the product contains petroleum distillates, which can be combustible when exposed to high heat or open flames.

What Precautions To Take With Goo Gone?

Store Goo Gone in a cool, dry place and use it in well-ventilated areas, away from heat sources, open flames, and electrical equipment.

Can Goo Gone Fumes Ignite?

While Goo Gone fumes are not extremely flammable, they can be combustible if concentrated and exposed to sparks or flames. Always use it with proper ventilation.

Safety Measures When Using Goo Gone?

Ensure good ventilation, avoid direct inhalation of vapors, wear protective gloves, and never use Goo Gone near open flames or hot surfaces.

Updated: January 12, 2024 — 2:26 am