Which category of YouTube channel would you create?

Many people want to earn money from YouTube and many do. You can also do this if you have an idea about some of the rules and tips of YouTube.

Today, I’m going to discuss some YouTube categories that will be more popular. Let’s get started without delay.


Popular youtube channel categories



Cooking has always been popular. If the girls have seen this article, then you can make a video about the cooking. I researched YouTube and found that cooking channels are very popular.

However, you don’t know how to cook. The presentation is very important.
If you can present the video well, then more people will watch the video. If you pay attention to YouTube, you will see that more people watch the videos that have good presentations. So make the presentation good.


Gaming channels are now becoming very popular. Many gamers are being born day by day. Competition in the gaming channel has already increased a lot.

If someone wants to open a gaming channel, then it is better to open it quickly. Choose the current popular games and create videos accordingly. Then you will get more views. Especially those who are teenagers can open gaming channels. In this case too, the presentation is very important.

Make money

There is a lot of search on YouTube every day about online income. Those who are new to it are youtube to get income ideas and tips online.

If you can prepare an online income video with a good presentation, then you will get many views. The main thing is to share what you know with others.


Technology channels quickly gained popularity. If you can make a good review video, then you will get a lot of popularity. You can also discuss updates to new technologies.

You can post reviews with different types of mobile, computer, electronic items. These videos are very popular. Especially videos made about mobile reviews are more popular.

When you also went to buy a new mobile phone, you might have searched on YouTube. Now many people like you search on YouTube while buying a new mobile, so mobile review videos are more popular.


Think you can make a good joke. You can open a YouTube channel with jokes. Moreover, the joke is that talent and YouTube always expects talent. Roast videos are also very popular nowadays.

You can do roast videos with different celebrities. You can also sing, dance, poetry, acting, etc. It will depend on what you are good at. And the presentation must be good.


You can open a channel with different types of government private jobs. The job channel has become very popular.

If you discuss job news and tips every day, you will get many organic visitors. If the presentation is good, the channel will become popular in a few days.


News channels have always been popular. Many journalists open news channels on YouTube if they do not get a job.

If your talent is like that of a journalist, you can open a news channel. If you make videos about news from the country and abroad, including regional, your channel will become very popular.

In the case of news channels, of course, the presentation should be good.

That was my discussion today. If you’ve read the full post, you’ll notice that I’ve mentioned the word presentation many times.

To earn from YouTube, it is necessary to get monetization first and to get monetization, you have to complete at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Although it is not easy to complete 1,000 subscribers, it is a little difficult to complete 4,000 hours of watchtime.
However, if the presentation is good, people will watch your video for a longer time and your watchtime will increase. Besides, you will get organic visitors.

People who visit your channel at least once per day will be considered as organic visitors. So try to make the presentation as good as possible.

I’ll come up with more educational posts later. Stay with us until then and keep an eye on our blog to get the latest updates. Stay at home, of course. I wish everyone good health.

Thank you