Satish Kaul Biography, Wife, Height, Age, Family

Satish Kaul was an Indian film actor who appeared in both Punjabi and Hindi films. He worked on almost 300 Bollywood movies. SassiPannu, Suhag Chhoda, IshqNimana, and Patola were his most remarkable movie characters. He even contributed to Panjabi cinema that awarded him the PTC Punjabi Prizes, the “lifetime achievement People of Punjab used to call him the.” “Amitabh Bachchan of Punjabi Cinema.” as he became popular in that region. He has worked with some renowned actors like Dev Anand, Shahrukh Khan, and Dilip Kumar in the Bollywood industry.

Personal Life Summery

Satish was born on 8 September 1946 in Kashmir. He was born into the Mohan Lal Aima family. His family members were already a part of the Bollywood industry. The music composer and singer was Mohan Lal Aima, his dad. Satish has Satya Devi, a sister that’s also an actress. His wife’s name is Durban. She was known as South Africa’s Nimmi Singh. A few months after his engagement, he was divorced from his wife. Then his wife took their son Rishabh and moved abroad. Rumors were published in 1970 that he was connected to Helen, the legendary Bollywood star.

Career Life Summery

In 1974 Satish Kaul started his acting career with the Faslah film Hindi. He was in Ang Se AngLegale the same year. This movie got a huge response, and people appreciated his work. Since then, he started working in more cinemas and starred in 300 Hindi and Punjabi films. In Punjab, he was so well-known that people called him the Punjabi cinema’s Amitabh Bachhan. During his distinguished career, Dilip Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, and Dev Anand, for instance, worked for some of the most important actors.

He had been left without funds due to a failure of one of his business projects. After that, he settled in a hospital, but it became difficult for him to pay bills. He began an acting school that failed, forcing him to spend the late 2010s in a nursing home. He also appeared in some shelved movies, which did not suit his career well either. His most famous role was that of Lord Indra in B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharat.

Satish Kaul Biography Overview

He’s appeared in over 20 films that were never released.

He was in contact with Helen in the late 1970s.

Even though he didn’t speak Punjabi, he was one of the most well-known actors in the Punjabi film industry.

His wife left him and moved to another country with his son.

He opened an acting school in Ludhiana, but he had to close it due to financial difficulties.

He was honored for his contribution to Punjabi cinema by the PTC Lifetime Award in 2011.

Net Worth

Due to his financial condition, he was in a care home at the last stage of his life. He died on 10 April 2021 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. He was about 72 years old when he got affected by Covid-19, which led him to death eventually. He has attained a net value of 13 million dollars throughout his life.