What is web hosting? Which is the most trusted web hosting company?

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a virtual storage that spreads from a website local host to the Internet. That is, hosting is like a virtual memory card. However, you can run work on a device with a memory card.

On the other hand, with the help of hosting, anyone can use the benefits of your website. What is Hosting? How many types? And today we will discuss some of the best hosting companies. Let’s start with today’s discussion of hosting.

How many types of hosting?

Some of the main types of hosting are discussed below.

1. Shared Hosting

Many websites are called shared hosting when they are only hosted on one hosting server. Currently, most people who create websites usually use shared hosting.

The main reason for this is that the price of shared hosting is usually low and it is also easy to use. However, there are disadvantages to shared hosting. First of all, in the case of shared hosting, many websites are hosted on a hosting server, due to which many visitors at the same time can actually slow down the website and sometimes go offline.

Moreover, all the data on your website remains with the hosting provider, so if there is a third-party provider, there is a risk of stealing the data of the website.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS is very similar to shared hosting, but in this case, your website will be hosted on only one server. That is, there will be no website other than your website on that server.

Even if you drive as much traffic to the website as you want, the risk of being slow or offline is very low. If you take VPS hosting, you will be given a separate CPU, RAM, Core, etc. That is, a managed server will be created only for your website.

However, VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. Since a separate server is created for you, the price for VPS hosting is kept much higher.

3. BDIX Hosting

BDIX is a Bangladeshi internet exchange point. BDIX hosting is very necessary for those whose website is targeted at Bangladesh and the countries around Bangladesh.

BDIX Hosting Like other hosting, only the network BDIX is used, due to which the speed in Bangladesh is much higher.

If someone from Bangladesh visits the website using BDIX hosting, the website loads at 200 times the speed. Therefore, you can understand why BDIX hosting should be purchased for Bangladesh targeted websites.

However, the price of BDIX hosting is higher than that of shared hosting and the bandwidth is usually less available.

4. Reseller Hosting

The meaning of the reseller is that it sells again. That is, reseller hosting is to buy hosting and resell it. Currently, reseller hosting is due to some hosting management systems such as WHMCS, Domain Hosting Reseller, Client area, etc.

With these hosting management systems, it is very easy to create hosting packages, including manage, upgrade, delete, invoice collection, etc. So nowadays the hosting business has become much easier using reseller hosting. You can resell almost all the hosting.

However, shared hosting resellers are very popular. But there are also some disadvantages of reseller hosting. If you start a hosting business by buying reseller hosting, then it will be very difficult to get customers.

Since the hosting business has become much easier nowadays there is a lot of competition in the hosting market. So to start a hosting business, you have to do a lot of marketing.

A few Bangladeshi trustworthy hosting providers

Currently, there is no virtual card or PayPal in Bangladesh. So we have to rely on mobile banking services of type of bKash, Nagad, Rocket etc.

But with these payment methods, you will not be able to make payments on international websites. So if you want to buy hosting, then you have to buy it by relying on Bangladeshi hosting providers.

Currently, some of the popular Bangladeshi hosting providers are discussed below.

1. Putulhost

For a long time, the putulhost has been faithfully offering hosting services. The putulhost makes very little money hosting a lot of good packages.

The putulhost’s shared hosting and reseller hosting packages have unlimited bandwidth, database, email, etc., which you usually won’t get from other hosting providers.

Moreover, other hosting packages and domains are available at a much lower price in the putulhost.

2. Exonhost

Ever since there were a handful of hosting providers in Bangladesh, Exonhost has been offering hosting services. Exonhosts are still very popular today.

However, the cost of exonhost’s web hosting is usually very high. From the Exonhost you can buy servers, domains, SSL certificates, etc. in addition to hosting.

3. BD Webs

BD Webs has been providing hosting services since 2013. Therefore, when there were very few hosting companies in Bangladesh, they have been providing hosting services since then. BD Webs’ package is within budget but its bandwidth is much lower.

Many visitors to your website will actually be in danger of running out of your bandwidth and your website will go offline. BD Webs sells a lot more than hosting such as domains, servers, SSL certificates, web design services, etc.

4. Hostever

Hostever is one of the most popular hosting companies in Bangladesh. Previously, hostever’s company was called Code for Host. Currently, it has been changed to hostever.

The cost of hosting packages on the host ever website is relatively low and the features are much better.

From HostEver you will get Windows hosting, ASP.NET hosting, server, domain, corporate hosting, etc. in addition to hosting. In addition, host Ever gives 24/7 support completely free of charge.

5. Dianahost

Dianahost is one of the popular hosting companies in Bangladesh. The cost of hosting packages on this website is very low. Those who are new can use the hosting of this website.

Moreover, you can buy domains, servers, SSL certificates, etc from dianahost. Diana hosts 24/7 support completely free of charge.

A few foreign hosting companies

Many of you may have dual currency cards or PayPal. If you want, you can buy hosting with the help of foreign hosting companies. Below are some of the foreign hosting companies discussed.

1. Namecheap

Namecheap is currently one of the most popular domain hosting service providers. Namecheap’s popularity is increasing day by day. From Namechip, you can buy a lot of good quality hosting at a low cost.

Moreover, one of the good aspects of Namechip is that payments can be made through cryptocurrencies here.

2. Hostinger

At present, if you want to get good quality hosting with less money, you must take a look at The Hostinger.

Hostinger makes very little money for good quality hosting. Moreover, the domain price of Hostinger is much lower.

3. Blue Host

WordPress itself recommended the hosting of blue host websites. The hosting of blue hosts is usually very fast.

That’s basically why WordPress recommend blue host. If you want to create a website with WordPress, you can use blue host.

I hope you liked today’s article. If you have any questions about hosting, please comment.

Thanks to everyone.