Will the Fire Department Fill My Pool? Myth-Busting Facts!

Will the Fire Department Fill My Pool?

When summer comes, a splash in a pool is lots of fun. But first, we need water in the pool. Some people think, “Can the fire department help?” Let’s find out.

What Does the Fire Department Do?

The fire department has a very important job. They help when there is a fire. They also teach us how to stay safe from fires. Their trucks carry a lot of water. This water is for putting out fires quickly.

Can They Fill My Pool?

It’s not common for fire departments to fill pools. They keep water ready for emergencies only. Some places might help, but often for a good cause. Always ask before you make any plans.

Reasons They Might Say ‘no’

  • Emergency preparedness is their priority.
  • Water from fire trucks is not for pools.
  • Using water this way may not be allowed by law.

When Might it Be Possible?

There are rare times when a fire department may help. This is not for everyone. They sometimes have programs for fundraising. You may donate money and they could fill your pool. Check with your local department.

How To Ask Your Fire Department

  1. Call or visit your local fire station.
  2. Ask if they have a pool filling service.
  3. If they do, ask about the donation.
  4. Find out when they can help.

What If They Can’t Help?

If they cannot fill your pool, don’t worry. There are other ways to do it.

Alternative Pool Filling Options

Option Description Pros Cons
Your Home’s Hose Use your own water supply. Easy and handy. Takes a long time and uses your water bill might go up.
Water Delivery Service Companies bring water in big trucks. Fast and efficient. Costs more money than using your hose.
Will the Fire Department Fill My Pool? Myth-Busting Facts!

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Before You Fill your Pool

It’s important to get things right. Make sure:

  • Your pool is clean.
  • There are no leaks.
  • You know how much water you need.
Will the Fire Department Fill My Pool? Myth-Busting Facts!

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Saving Water is Important Too

When we fill our pool, we use a lot of water. Let’s remember to save water. Here are ways we can save:

  • Use a pool cover to stop water from evaporating.
  • Check for leaks and fix them.
  • Fill the pool in the morning or evening. This stops water loss from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Will The Fire Department Fill My Pool? Myth-busting Facts!

Can Fire Departments Help With Pool Filling?

Local fire departments typically do not offer pool filling services, focusing their resources on emergency response and fire prevention.

What’s The Cost For Pool Filling Services?

Professional pool filling services usually charge by the gallon or by the truckload, with prices varying by location and water amount required.

Are There Alternatives To Fire Department Pool Filling?

Alternative options include using municipal water supply, hiring water delivery services, or utilizing well water, ensuring each method adheres to local regulations.

How To Arrange For Pool Water Delivery?

Contact a professional water delivery service; they’ll assess your pool size, provide a cost estimate, and schedule a convenient delivery time.


Mostly, the fire department won’t fill our pools. They are busy keeping us safe. But we have many other ways to fill our pool. Let’s enjoy a wet and wonderful summer, responsibly!

Updated: December 31, 2023 — 11:24 am