Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for GST Admission

দ্রুত আপনার প্রশ্নের উত্তর পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন।

1: I am not getting the OTP?
Answer: Pls. try resending the OTP after 5 minutes.
2: I have completed the application successfully, but I can’t download the “Acknowledgement Slip”
Answer: Please try using a desktop or laptop following the link:
3: I am a student from the Science group in HSC. Can I apply in B or C unit?
Answer: No, You can’t. In fact, you don’t need to. Your unit is determined by the HSC study group. Being a student of the Science group, you are eligible for migration into other units based on the admission criteria of the respective university. It is applicable for other units too.
4: I am eligible for Freedom Fighter Quota (FFQ), but I don’t see any quota in the preliminary application. How can I apply in FFQ?
Answer: Quota is not required for the preliminary registration.
5: My name spelling is wrong in your system. I have already corrected the name in my education board but correct spelling is not displayed here. What to do to resolve this issue?
Answer: If we see your correct spelling in the board data, we can update it. In that case, submit your complaint by clicking the Complain button.
6: I want to change my mobile number. What should I do?
Answer: Sorry, you can not change your phone number.
7: I passed SSC in 2016 and HSC in 2019, am I eligible to apply?
Answer: No. Please read the prospectus. SSC 2016 are not eligible.
8: I passed HSC in 2019 and in 2020 I have appeared in the Improvement exam. My HSC GPA has improved, but I don’t see the correct GPA here. What can I do?
Answer: We will verify your result with the education board and update your information.
9: When the primary application result will be published?
Answer: Please keep checking
10: What is the minimum criteria to be eligible to apply for preliminary application?
Answer: Minimum 3.5 in each exam and in total at least 8 for Unit A, 7 for Unit B and 7.5 for Unit C. Please read the prospectus for details.
11: I am eligible, but I don’t understand how to apply?
Answer: Please read the application manual carefully.
12: I can not submit my application. What is wrong with the system?
Answer: Please read the admission criteria carefully.
13: I have passed Dakhil and HSC. Can I apply for the GST admission?
Answer: If you fulfill the admission criteria, YES you can apply for the GST admission.
14: Everytime I submit my application, the system responds as “Wrong Information.” What to do next?
Answer: Sorry, you do not meet the application criteria. Please read the prospectus (
15: I want to apply for both A and B units. But my application was accepted for only A (or B) unit. How can I apply for B (or A) unit?
Answer: You are eligible for applying in Unit A (or Unit B) only.
16: I want to change the unit, but I could not do it here? What is the problem?
Answer: You are eligible to register with this system. Your change of subject / unit will be done when you fulfill the requirements of the university you want to apply / or get your admission.
17: I have passed SSC from the Open University and HSC from the General education board. How can I get the equivalent certificate?
Answer: You have to send your SSC Marksheet and also HSC marksheet to or in person, you have to go to Registrar Office, Jagannath University, Dhaka.
18: I have passed O level from EdExcel and HSC from Rajshahi board. How can I apply?
Answer: You have to send your O level transcript and certificate and also HSC marksheet to or in person, you have to go to Registrar Office, Jagannath University, Dhaka.