Are Moving Blankets Flammable? Discover Their Fire Hazards and Safety Tips!

Are Moving Blankets Flammable?

Moving blankets are essential tools used to protect furniture, fragile items, and other belongings during transportation. However, it is important to consider whether these blankets are flammable or not before using them. In this article, we will explore the flammability of moving blankets and provide you with the necessary information to ensure safety during your move.

Are Moving Blankets Flammable? Discover Their Fire Hazards and Safety Tips!


Are Moving Blankets Flammable? Discover Their Fire Hazards and Safety Tips!


Understanding Flammability

In simple terms, flammability refers to how easily a material can catch fire and burn. Different materials have varying levels of flammability, which are usually indicated by fire safety ratings. These ratings determine how quickly a material will ignite, sustain a flame, and spread fire.

For moving blankets, the composition of the fabric plays a crucial role in determining their flammability. Most moving blankets are made from a combination of materials like polyester, cotton, and recycled fibers.

Fire Safety Ratings

When it comes to determining the fire safety of moving blankets, it’s essential to look for fire safety ratings or certifications. The most common fire safety ratings are based on the following standards:

  1. NFPA 701: This standard focuses on materials used in draperies, curtains, and other window treatments. It tests for flame resistance, limiting the spread of flames, and the amount of heat released.
  2. ASTM E-84: Also known as the Steiner Tunnel Test, this standard measures flame spread and smoke development on wall and ceiling materials.
  3. FMVSS 302: This standard is specific to the automotive industry and determines the flammability of materials used in vehicles.

It is crucial to ensure that the moving blankets you use have passed these fire safety ratings. This information can usually be found on the packaging or provided by the manufacturer.

Mitigating Fire Risks

While moving blankets are generally designed to be non-flammable or have fire-resistant properties, it is still important to take precautions and mitigate fire risks during your move. Here are some tips to ensure safety:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher readily accessible during your move.
  • Avoid smoking or open flames near the moving blankets.
  • Do not place moving blankets near heat sources such as heaters or stoves.
  • Regularly inspect the moving blankets for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and storage of the blankets.

By following these simple guidelines, you can minimize the risk of fire accidents and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Alternatives to Moving Blankets

If you are concerned about the flammability of moving blankets or require added protection for certain valuable items, there are alternative options available:

  1. Air Pillows: Inflatable air pillows provide cushioning and protection without the risk of flammability since they are made from plastic materials.
  2. Plastic Wrap: Using layers of plastic wrap is another alternative for protecting furniture and delicate items. However, it may not offer the same level of cushioning as moving blankets.
  3. Foam Padding: Foam padding or foam sheets can be utilized to protect specific items during the moving process. They offer excellent cushioning and are typically non-flammable.

Remember, when using alternatives, consider the nature of your items and the level of protection they require. You may need to use a combination of methods to ensure the safety and integrity of your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions For Are Moving Blankets Flammable? Discover Their Fire Hazards And Safety Tips!

Are Moving Blankets Flammable?

Moving blankets are not flammable. They are specifically designed to be non-combustible and provide protection during moves.

Can Moving Blankets Catch Fire?

Moving blankets have a low ignition point but are not easily ignited. However, it is always important to keep them away from open flames and heat sources.

What Are Moving Blankets Made Of?

Moving blankets are typically made of a durable and thick fabric, such as woven polyester or cotton, which helps protect furniture and other items during transportation.

How Do Fire Retardant Moving Blankets Work?

Fire retardant moving blankets are treated with special chemicals that slow down the spread of flames and reduce the risk of fire. These blankets provide an added layer of safety during moves.


In conclusion, moving blankets are generally designed to be non-flammable or have fire-resistant properties. It is crucial to confirm the fire safety ratings of the blankets you choose to use. By taking necessary precautions and following the guidelines provided, you can safely utilize moving blankets to protect your belongings during a move. However, if you have specific concerns about flammability, there are alternative options available to provide added protection. Remember, safety should always be a top priority when moving and handling any materials.

Updated: January 4, 2024 — 3:15 am