How Long is Wd40 Flammable? Find Out Its Combustibility

How Long is WD40 Flammable?

If you’ve ever used WD40, you probably know it as a versatile lubricant that is equally adept at loosening stuck nuts and bolts as it is at preventing rust and corrosion. But have you ever wondered how long is WD40 flammable? In this article, we will explore the flammability of WD40 in detail.

How Long is Wd40 Flammable? Find Out Its Combustibility


Understanding the Basics

Before we delve into the specifics of WD40’s flammability, let’s first understand what WD40 is. WD40 is a petroleum-based product that consists primarily of mineral oil and a small amount of petroleum distillate. It is designed to displace moisture, penetrate rusted parts, and provide lubrication.

Due to its petroleum-based composition, WD40 is indeed flammable. Petroleum products tend to have low flashpoints, which is the minimum temperature at which a substance can ignite when exposed to an open flame or spark. However, the exact flammability of WD40 can vary depending on the formulation and specific ingredients used by different manufacturers.

The Flashpoint of WD40

The flashpoint of WD40 is an essential factor to consider when evaluating its flammability. The flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which WD40 can produce a flammable vapor in sufficient quantity to ignite when in contact with an ignition source.

The flashpoint of WD40 typically ranges between 125 to 200 degrees Celsius (257 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit), depending on the formulation. This means that if WD40 is exposed to a spark or flame when its temperature exceeds the flashpoint, it can catch fire.

Safe Usage and Storage of WD40

While WD40 is flammable, there are several measures you can take to ensure safe usage and storage:

  • Keep WD40 away from open flames, sparks, or any potential ignition sources.
  • Ensure proper ventilation when using WD40 in enclosed spaces to prevent the buildup of flammable vapors.
  • Store WD40 in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.
  • Avoid smoking or using any other sources of ignition when working with WD40.
  • Read and follow the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer on the product’s label.
How Long is Wd40 Flammable? Find Out Its Combustibility


Alternate Flammable Options

If you’re concerned about the flammability of WD40, or if you require a non-flammable alternative, there are other options available:

Product Description
Liquid Wrench A penetrating oil and lubricant that is non-flammable and also effective at loosening rusted parts.
WD40 Specialist Silicone Spray A non-flammable lubricant that is safe to use on various materials, including plastic, rubber, and metal.
PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst A non-flammable penetrating catalyst that helps break down rust and corrosion.

These alternatives can be suitable for applications where flammability is a concern or where non-flammable options are preferred.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Long Is Wd40 Flammable? Find Out Its Combustibility

Is Wd-40 Flammable?

Yes, WD-40 is flammable. It contains volatile substances that can easily catch fire or ignite.

What Makes Wd-40 Flammable?

WD-40 contains flammable ingredients like petroleum distillates and butane. These substances have low flashpoints, making WD-40 highly flammable.

How Long Does Wd-40 Remain Flammable?

WD-40 remains flammable as long as its volatile compounds are present. It can ignite quickly, making it important to handle and store it with caution.

Can Wd-40 Catch Fire Easily?

Yes, WD-40 can catch fire easily. It is highly flammable and can ignite with a spark or flame. Take necessary precautions to avoid accidents.


While WD40 is indeed flammable, it is important to understand that its flashpoint is relatively high. When used and stored properly, the risk of fire or ignition is minimal. It’s always crucial to follow the safety guidelines and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents.

If you have concerns about the flammability or require a non-flammable option, there are alternative products available that can serve your needs effectively. Always choose the product that best suits your requirements and ensures the safety of yourself and your surroundings.

Updated: December 31, 2023 — 9:12 pm