Top 5 android apps that you should avoid

If you are a smartphone user, then it is safe to say that you have to use some or the other mobile application to make the work of daily life easier. In addition to the use of many of the necessary apps, we often install many applications unconsciously, but later it is not used anymore.

Again, we don’t know if that application is really good or harmful for us. Sometimes there is a big loss before we understand it.

Because the application of your Android smartphone in hand can also be unconsciously trafficked all your personal information. As a result, It can put you in serious danger.

Therefore, we have to be very careful and careful about the harmful aspects of mobile phones while selecting and using mobile applications.

This will reduce the risk to our future to some extent. Now the question is, how do we know what is a good application and what is bad?

To warn you about those things, today we are going to talk about 7 dangerous apps for Android phones. But many of them fill the entire article with the same category of apps. Many people avoid the real apps.

Keeping two things in mind, we have today’s list of dangerous apps. Which will easily give you an idea.


Top 5 android apps that you should avoid:

1. Third Party Apps

To download such apps, we usually have to go to Google Search. From there, we found various apps. This is called third-party apps in the language of the Internet.

But have you ever wondered if these apps are good? Or maybe not. But do you know that these apps can steal all our information? Can I threaten you? Maybe he didn’t think. But sit down to think today.

Third-party apps are usually accompanied by various malware or spyware. Because of which the chance of being harmful is more than the benefit here.

I’m not saying not to use it at all. Instead, do what you’re familiar with and that’s a bit familiar. But don’t forget to download low rated apps from here. In this case, you can become a victim of a bad incident unknowingly.

2. Boosting apps

While browsing, suddenly floated up, ‘Clean your phone.’ Clean all the RAM. Yes, I’m talking about RAM, memory or battery boosting apps. Even once in his life, it must have stepped into it unknowingly.

Why am I saying Phad? That’s why I’m saying that why do you need apps on your phone where you have an in-built cleaner system? It has some other purpose, doesn’t it? That’s right.

Even if the AD of RAM cleaning shows, in fact, they eat RAM on their own. These apps can also come with various viruses. It can also collect your info and send it to someone else. Do you want it to be like that? Do you want someone to know about your location? Certainly not.

So why download such apps for no reason? Why would you give this information without permission? And this information will be used by the big companies to run the ad. As a result, many ads will come to the mobile.

3. UC Browser

It is the browser of choice of about 500 million people around the world. It has also made it to the list of best browsers in India and China. And for these reasons, you may also have installed the app on your phone.

But do you know how safe it is? If I tell you about the horror of it, maybe your eyes will go up. Can’t believe it, Then listen. UC Browser collects your phone’s IMEI number. It also collects locations and all the information.

You may ask what’s the problem with that. The problem is, what’s the point of collecting this? If you are a little aware, you will also understand. This app of Alibaba’s owner, Jack Ma, basically sends all the information to Alibaba’s database.

And using it, Alibaba sets you as his ad target. As a result, you will see that what you are searching about is floating around while browsing. This is how this popular app has transformed you into a marketing product.

4. Antivirus apps

When you hear the name antivirus, you want to breathe a sigh of relief, right? But should it be done at all? You can imagine why I’m saying this. In fact, what you’re using as an antivirus may or may be a virus in itself.

Now you may ask, ‘What are you saying, brother?’ Yes, that’s how it is. At present, almost all phones have some in-built antivirus features. But then why these apps? It’s mainly for some purpose.

It’s the same as the apps above. You are becoming someone else’s marketing product. One of the permissions you want to scan your phone is storage. Through which they can access your files.

There is also a contact info or location. It can also be a victim of malware or spyware. You certainly don’t want to dream that someone steals your information like this.

At the same time, I hope you will want to save spyware or malware from it. And so try your best to stay away from these apps.

5. Share It Application

It is difficult to find people who use mobile phones, especially smartphones, and do not know about shareit. The app has been getting its name for file sharing for a long time. But there have been so many changes in the last few years.

About which we may or may be skeptical. And so we don’t know about its privacy facts. If this is the case, you may be the victim of multiple incidents. In any other app, however, many permissions can be denied. However, in the case of shareit, storage parmation has to be given.

It’s a bit like giving the keys of the house to a thief. And if you keep it for a long time, the whole house can disappear. Sharing is just as well. Just like you’re using it to share files. Similarly, this app is also using you to smuggle your information.

Although it seems to play the role of the innocent, its horror in the long journey is limitless. And so I would request to uninstall it after every use.

6. Fast Charging Application

Well tell me one thing, is the charging done through the apps? If so, how is that possible? In fact, these things are false. Charging is all about your hardware. It has nothing to do with the software.

So even with the fast charger, you will not get the expected results if you do not have fast charging capacity on your phone. How to expect such a service from an app there?

Isn’t that stupid? Yes, it’s stupid. If you fall in love with such apps just by looking at some eye-catching ads, you may also suffer from cyber-attacks.

At the same time, a lot of ram or CPU will eat up a lot of these apps. As a result, you will search the RAM boosting apps again. The long journey will not bring anything as expected.

So why don’t I uninstall this app in the beginning? Get rid of your head about what will be helpful. Just think about the bad side. I hope you’ll understand then.


7. Suggested by YouTubers

You’ll also get some apps reviews from time to time on the YouTube channel you’ve seen or followed. And because of this, you can download the app from the link given in his description.

There’s no problem anymore, is there? Hold on a little. Have you seen what you downloaded? Or maybe not. Isn’t it stupid to use just because of one suggestion? Just think about it. I’m not saying it’s going to be bad.

But there’s a chance to be bad, isn’t it? So where is the need to take the risk? Take a closer look. Do more research about it on YouTube. Read the blog. Come to a decision. Do you need the app or not?

With these things in mind, move on to the next step. But nothing before that. Because it can unknowingly make you a victim of various events.

Updated: April 7, 2022 — 1:02 pm