Guitar Price in Bangladesh: an Overview

Want to learn to play the guitar? The first step is to buy one for yourself. There are different types of acoustic guitars available, and each comes with its own characteristics and price. The price can also vary based on the size, quality, and material of the string, as well as the level. In this article, we will give you a basic idea of the guitar price in Bangladesh.

Where to Shop for Guitars in Bangladesh?

If you want to shop online, you may want to check out for cheap, second-hand guitars. Aside from that, the best sites to buy guitars in Bangladesh are Octave Guitar Shop Bd, Baadok, and Guitar Paradise.

Beginners’ Acoustic Guitars Price

If you are just starting off with learning how to play the guitar, which guitar you choose is especially important. With this guitar, you will play the first notes and eventually develop your own unique technique. 

As a beginner, you will most likely have a smaller budget. Luckily, beginner’s guitars cost the least. In Bangladesh, you will be able to buy one within a price range below Tk.8000. Here are the names and prices of some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners-

  • Chard 4001 Beginners Acoustic Guitar: These guitars are available within a price range of ৳ 5,000 to ৳ 6,000.
  • TGM TM-1 Pure Acoustic Guitar: The guitars of this brand are available from ৳ 6,000 to ৳ 7,000.
  • Sandy S403 N- Pure Acoustic Guitar: These guitars are available for a price between ৳ 6,000 to ৳ 7,000.
  • Signature Gogo’s Blade With Electric Output and Sound Control: These beautiful guitars can be found within a price range of ৳ 5,000 to ৳ 6,000.
  • Florida F405 Pure Acoustic Guitar: These are available for ৳ 6,000 to ৳ 7,000.

Intermediate Acoustic Guitars Price

If you already have gained a certain level of skills in playing the guitar and want to try something a bit more challenging, you can start looking for intermediate-level guitars. Since they’re a bit more difficult to play, you should only buy them after your fingers have become used to a guitar.

Typically, you can find within ৳ 8,000 to ৳ 12,000. If you want to get one for yourself, here are the names and price ranges of some of the best ones found in Bangladesh-

  • 32G- Premium 32″ Mini Travel Guitar(Chard): This is available for ৳8,000 to ৳8,500.
  • Chard GS 4 Taylor Barrel Premium Travel Guitar: This premium guitar can be found between ৳8,500 to ৳10,000. 
  • Chard F-4090C Premium Pure Acoustic guitar: This guitar can be found within a price range of ৳9,500 to ৳10,500.
  • Deviser L-720B (Fretwork) Pure Acoustic Guitar: This is available within a price range of ৳8,500 to ৳9,500.

Quasi-professional Acoustic Guitars Price

If your guitar skills are on the professional level, then make the most out of it and get the best guitars out there to try your hand in. These guitars are typically much more expensive in comparison to the guitars made for beginners and intermediates. But as a professional, these types of guitars will be the most fun to play, and they will make your skills shine even more.

In Bangladesh, the price range of these guitars is between ৳13,000 to ৳35,000. Here are some you can check out-

  • Sqoe SQ Personalized Pure Acoustic Guitar: These stylish guitars are available within a price range of ৳13,000 to ৳14,000.
  • Yamaha Fs100C: These Indonesian guitars can be found between ৳15,000 to ৳18,000.
  • Dotch MD Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar: The price range is between ৳12,000 to ৳17,000.
  • Fender CD-60 Dreadnought V3: This guitar can cost up to ৳33,000. 
  • Takamine GN11M-NS NEX: This guitar’s price range is between ৳21,000 to ৳23,000.

And there you go. Considering your budget, check the guitar price in Bangladesh and find the best guitar for yourself!


Updated: May 15, 2022 — 7:21 pm