What to do if the mobile phone is wet in the water?

In the present age we all use mobile phones But many times due to carelessness the mobile gets wet in water, gets wet in rain or falls into bucket full of water.

Android mobile or any mobile phone is likely to be damaged if it falls into the water. Water is one of the biggest enemies of electronics devices. Water has the power to destroy all devices.It is very important to know how we can fix or take action if the mobile suddenly falls into the water. Because we often fall into such situations.

Have you ever encountered a problem that you can think of? Then, as a result of not knowing exactly what to do, our mobile phone got damaged. So if you have the right idea and can keep your head cool and do useful things then you can protect your mobile phone from being damaged.

Why water is the enemy of mobile phones or electronics devices?

Let’s explain in a scientific way. Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. On the other hand, the materials used in electronics devices contain carbon. So when oxygen comes in contact with carbon they react with each other and form carbon-dioxide. The device is damaged due to chemical reactions. You will notice many times that when water enters the device, the water rolls inside. Although the display of the mobile is not a big loss, but the hardware is a lot of damage.

What to do if mobile phone falls into water?

If your mobile phone falls into the water, quickly remove the phone from the water. Because water is one of the main enemies. The next steps are described below:

Mobile battery verification

If you soak your mobile phone in water and throw it away, then the warranty on the phone will not be of any use. So after soaking in water, remove the battery of the mobile phone and check it thoroughly. The small white sticker is in the battery. If it gets wet, it turns pink or red.

Quickly turn off the mobile phone

When we get wet in water, many of us make the mistake of jumping out of the water. In this case, you have to quickly turn off the mobile and remove the battery. Then wipe off all wet areas as soon as possible with a soft cloth or tissue. SIM card must also be removed. Separate the parts of mobile cover, headphones etc. Then let it dry. No need to dry in hot sun.

Remove the water that sticks to the mobile phone

It is best to use a soft dry cloth or paper towel to wipe off the water that is stuck to the outside of the mobile. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to dry the water. Be careful using vacuum cleaners to dry mobile phones. Do not hold this device too close. It is better not to use hair dryer in case of drying mobile phone.

You can put it in rice

Although I was surprised to hear it, it is true. Rice has excellent water absorption capacity. You can keep the phone in a dry plastic bag or container that is not ventilated. Rice can absorb water between wet things. So you can put the phone in the middle of a bag full of rice. At this time, refrain from connecting the battery or turning on the phone. If you leave the mobile phone like this for about 24 hours before turning it on, you will get good results.


Before turning it on, make sure that there is water in different parts of the phone. If there is any wet or wipe left, remove it or dry it well. If the mobile is not turned on, keep the battery open and take it for servicing.

Whether the mobile phone fan can be dried in the air

If your mobile phone gets wet, do not dry it in an open room in Foxan air. Never use a dryer again. No hot air can be put on the phone. However, you can hold the air conditioning in front of the vent for a while.


So far today. Hopefully from today’s discussion you understand what to do if your mobile phone gets wet in water. Thanks.


Updated: April 9, 2022 — 4:06 pm